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Treatment for rising damp in Accrington

Are you noticing rising damp on your property's wall? 
AD Damp Proofing & Roofing can help you. Call us today to discuss your requirements. We serve customers across Manchester, Oldham, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Tameside as well.

Backed guarantee for 30 years

Our Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme is designed to put your mind at rest by
pledging that the guarantee presented by our approved contractor AD Damp Proofing & Roofing will be honoured for up to thirty years. Our
guarantee department has been issuing guarantees for over 25 years.

A guarantee will be issued on completion of work through our approved contractor 
AD Damp Proofing & Roofing, for carrying out work to the highest recognised standard in the case of applying of a damp proof course and the property care association codes of practice for other remedial treatments. This delivers you, the client, with the sanctuary of knowing that in the case of a valid claim against reappearance of the original problem and in the event of the approved contractor ceasing to trade, our Guarantee Safeguard (trustees) Ltd will agree to take the necessary re-treatment works to be carried out at no supplementary cost to the client. The guarantee remains valid regardless of any transfer of proprietorship of the property within the unexpired period for cover for up to 30 years. The guarantee is issued on the property so that in the transfer of ownership there are no further costs involved.

The Insurance Backed Guarantee system is issued for a one-off premium
fee. This can be a substantially cost saving to you. The necessary strength of our Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme is that it is supplied entirely independently of both the chemical manufacturing company and the approved service provider. It does not rely on renewal premiums that need to be paid to insurance/underwriting corporations for continued cover.

In order for any remedial contractor to take advantage of the Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme, they must be a registered Approved Independent contractor of a recognised chemical company using Health and Safety Executive approved and British Board of Agreement certified products. They must also meet the terms with the exceptionally 
high-quality workmanship obligation set by both British Standard 6576 and the Property Care Association Codes of Practice. This arrangements gives you, the customer, the security of knowing that only service providers of the highest standard can take advantage of the Insurance Backed Guarantee system.
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  • Issued independently
  • No minimum charge
  • No VAT. Single premium payable
  • Vetted by the Department of Trade and Industry
  • Vetted by The Financial Services Authority
  • Issued only by registered contractors working to BS6576 for damp proofing and to the Property Care Association’s codes of practice for all other remedial treatments
  • Up to 30 years of protected guarantee
  • Contractors must have had formal training and certification by a chemical manufacturing company or by the Property Care Association which is the monitoring body for the remedial industry

Damp proofing

Fully protected guarantee

The Insurance Backed Guarantee system is a fully protected guarantee and has been accepted for many years by construction bodies including building, local authorities, societies, housing associations and architects. 

Customers can be assured that by insisting on the Insurance Backed Guarantee system, their long-term guarantee will remain in force in case of the contractor and or the chemical manufacturing company cease to trade.
Treat your rising damp today. Call AD Damp Proofing & Roofing on 
07719 543 792 today for more information. We serve customers across Accrington and Manchester
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